Immunovative’s technology has the potential to forever change the manner in which we treat cancer and infectious disease. Rather than use harsh and toxic chemicals or try to interfere with natural processes of cell growth and viral control, Immunovative harnesses the natural power of the immune system to create powerful, non-toxic new therapy approaches. Immunovative’s technology platform is called the “Mirror EffectTM”. This innovative platform is modeled from knowledge of an immune mechanism already proven be capable of eliminating chemotherapy-resistant metastatic tumors and the HIV virus. Unfortunately, the clinical application of this known mechanism is limited because it is associated with severe, often lethal, toxicity.  Our innovation was to develop a way to harness the proven curative effects of this mechanism and eliminate the toxicity. This accomplishment positions us to provide new innovative immunotherapy products with unprecedented effects in late stage cancer and HIV positive patients. Our technology platform is well protected by patents worldwide which position us to become a leader in the development and commercialization of immunotherapy products.



Treatment strategy designed to use the power of the human immune system to kill tumors and prevent their recurrence.
No requirement for a matched donor or chemotherapy/radiation conditioning prior to treatment.
Innovative technology – proven and non-toxic.
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Healthcare professionals

Therapeutic anti-tumor vaccine developed from core break-through technology called the "Mirror Effect™“ which opens a pathway to treating patients with metastatic cancer that have failed all available therapy options.
Elicits a GVT-like mechanism without the GVHD toxicity.
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Privately-held Israeli biopharmaceutical company spin out from Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center with headquarters in Jerusalem.

Over 200 individual private shareholders and grant support from the Israel Office of the Chief Scientist.
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