ITL announces the successful development of a unique proprietary, cost effective cell therapy manufacturing technology that is able to provide a treatment customized to each individual patient while at the same time preserving the ability to retain

ITL believes that for a living cell product to be commercially viable, the ability to economically mass produce must be designed into the product upfront. 

In addition, since every tumor type both between individuals and within individuals is heterogenous, the ability to tailor an immunotherapy to an individual's own tumor is a great advantage.

ITL announces technological breakthrough for extending shelf life of our lead AlloStim product candidate from 4h to 72h

 During our US Phase I/II  first in human clinical trial conducted in USA,  AlloStim had only a 4 hour shelf life. This necessitated establishing a clean room sterile production facility within the US clinic and employing production and QC staff at the site in order to administer AlloStim to a patient prior to expiration.

Phacilitate’s interview with Dr. Michael Har-Noy ahead of the Immunotherapy World 2016 conference

 Phacilitate: After a decade of disappointing results, immunotherapy has finally been recognized as a treatment that can provide a significant clinical benefit. Are we seeing a paradigm shift in the way we approach first-line treatment in cancer?

We may be seeing an increased recognition of the value of immunotherapy in clinical practice, but I believe we are far away from a paradigm shift in the way we approach first line therapy. While clearly it is the ultimate goal of immunotherapy drug developers that less toxic immunotherapy treatments be delivered in the first line, while more toxic approaches be used only after the immunotherapy has failed. 

Checkpoint Blockade: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Dr. Michael Har-Noy

Founder, Immunovative Therapies, Ltd.

After many years of doubt that immunotherapy research could build roads that could lead to successful products, scientists have successfully developed checkpoint blockade drugs. This accomplishment has renewed enthusiasm for building roads to other immunotherapy product destinations.  While the road to checkpoint blockade brought us to some successful products, the question is whether to build more roads to this destination; keep moving forward paving directions to new generations of checkpoint blockade drugs; or, go a completely different direction?

Patent attorneys for Immunovative claim that the Mirror Effect technology can create a new industry

Cancer Therapy Based on a Mechanism of Action for Controlling the Immune System and the Resulting Patent Portfolio

Despite decades of research, current cancer therapies extend survival but often do not actually cure the disease. Immune cell based therapy is described here that can eliminate tumor cells without the toxicity associated with chemotherapy or allogeneic bone marrow transplant (BMT).

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Treatment strategy designed to use the power of the human immune system to kill tumors and prevent their recurrence.
No requirement for a matched donor or chemotherapy/radiation conditioning prior to treatment.
Innovative technology – proven and non-toxic.
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Healthcare professionals

Therapeutic anti-tumor vaccine developed from core break-through technology called the "Mirror Effect™“ which opens a pathway to treating patients with metastatic cancer that have failed all available therapy options.
Elicits a GVT-like mechanism without the GVHD toxicity.
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Privately-held Israeli biopharmaceutical company spin out from Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center with headquarters in Jerusalem.

Over 200 individual private shareholders and grant support from the Israel Office of the Chief Scientist.
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