ITL announces today a major initiative to become a leader in the field of immunomonitoring technology and analysis

Immunomonitoring is the study of the intersection of the immune system and the tumor. The immune system is known to be capable of recognizing and eliminating tumors and remembering the tumor for fast elimination in the event of recurrence. However, in cancer the tumor evades immune destruction and grows unaffected by immune killing mechanisms.

In the past, cancer clinical trials evaluated the effectiveness of drugs upon their ability to cause tumors to shrink. There is often a correlation between shrinkage of tumor and extension of survival. As waiting for clinical survival data to mature can be long and expensive, tumor shrinkage became an acceptable surrogate marker of response that enabled response data to be determined in much shorter time. This benefit is not available to immunotherapy drug clinical development, as immunotherapy often causes tumors to increase in size due to swelling or a late responses give impression initially as a non-response.

ITL has now developed a sophisticated suite of immunological tests to analyze patient blood and tissue samples. These tests are expected to enable us to understand the immune responses in patients on an individual basis and eventually develop new short cut markers to predict response.

Watch for news as these new tests are brought online.



Treatment strategy designed to use the power of the human immune system to kill tumors and prevent their recurrence.
No requirement for a matched donor or chemotherapy/radiation conditioning prior to treatment.
Innovative technology – proven and non-toxic.
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Healthcare professionals

Therapeutic anti-tumor vaccine developed from core break-through technology called the "Mirror Effect™“ which opens a pathway to treating patients with metastatic cancer that have failed all available therapy options.
Elicits a GVT-like mechanism without the GVHD toxicity.
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Privately-held Israeli biopharmaceutical company spin out from Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center with headquarters in Jerusalem.

Over 200 individual private shareholders and grant support from the Israel Office of the Chief Scientist.
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