Immunovative Therapies, Ltd.

ITL is the parent and owner of all the organization’s intellectual property. ITL’s operations focus on research and development, biological manufacturing under good manufacturing practices (GMP) and immunological monitoring of patients. ITL has fully-equipped, state-of-the art, immunological and molecular biology laboratories, clean room manufacturing suites and environmentally-controlled inventory storage.

Immunovative Clinical Research, Inc. (ICRI)

ICRI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITL located in Phoenix, AZ that serves as an in-house clinical research organization (CRO), responsible for managing worldwide clinical trials. ICRI employs or contracts Clinical Operations and Clinical Research specialists in order to ensure data integrity and compliance with good clinical practices (GCP). In addition, ICRI recruits and screens blood donors and operates laboratory facilities for processing donor blood used in the manufacturing of cellular products. ICRI’s responsibilities include: establishing clinical management support facilities in or near all our clinical sites worldwide, providing standard operating procedures (SOP), blood and tissue collection and processing for patient immunological monitoring adverse event coding, and regulatory support services, central radiology and pathology reading, data safety monitoring board (DSMB) services to support clinical operations.

ImmunoCare Therapies, Ltd. (ICTL)

ICTL is a subsidiary of ITL located in Jerusalem that has been granted a license from ITL to develop and commercialize our products in the field of colorectal cancer. ICTL’s current focus is on conducting a pivotal trial in third line metastatic colorectal cancer. ICTL contracts with ITL to produce clinical-grade product for the pivotal trial and with ICRI to manage the pivotal trial. ICTL operates virtually within the offices of ITL. ICTL will be responsible for establishing marketing and sales infrastructure directly or in collaboration with distributors within territories worldwide and also responsible for business and strategic development. ICTL has a board of opinion leaders in colorectal cancer to advice on clinical design and commercial development strategy.



Treatment strategy designed to use the power of the human immune system to kill tumors and prevent their recurrence.
No requirement for a matched donor or chemotherapy/radiation conditioning prior to treatment.
Innovative technology – proven and non-toxic.
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Healthcare professionals

Therapeutic anti-tumor vaccine developed from core break-through technology called the "Mirror Effect™“ which opens a pathway to treating patients with metastatic cancer that have failed all available therapy options.
Elicits a GVT-like mechanism without the GVHD toxicity.
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Privately-held Israeli biopharmaceutical company spin out from Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center with headquarters in Jerusalem.

Over 200 individual private shareholders and grant support from the Israel Office of the Chief Scientist.
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