The BioProcess Development Engineer will work to design, execute, and assess studies related to identification and optimization of bioreactor parameters. In depth working knowledge of vessel hardware, controller automation, data capture and culture data analysis are critical for success. The role will spend more than half time hands on in the lab performing operations. Experience with perfusion and batch-feed culture modes, equipment and automation a strong plus.

Duties include:

Independently perform hands on bioreactor set up and cultivation work in the lab

Lead installation of new bioreactor equipment and establish operating procedures

Participate in prototype development and evaluation of new bioreactor technologies

Oversee routine maintenance and calibration of bioreactors and associated equipment

Recognize and correct errors in bioprocess operations

Perform routine sample analysis including pH, osmolality, media components and metabolites

Plot, analyze, and review data with the project team

Provide input to the team towards the development of bioreactor technologies



BS or MS in Chemical or Biochemical Engineering or related field

Minimum 2 years of relevant hands-on experience with bioreactors and other bioprocess and basic lab equipment including automation driven systems

Experience with mammalian cell culture 

Able to communicate well with others across teams

Flexible, creative and clever in technical problem solving


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